YGA Mission and Vision

Sports have been traditional vehicles for teaching life lessons, but today, sport at its highest levels, is played in an atmosphere where we have a preponderance of athletes who deny they have responsibility to be role models, let alone idols of the young.  There is, however, a sport that not only continues to teach positive life lessons, but also depends on an adherence to them for its very existence. That sport, of course, is golf. 

It is a game in which there are no officials to call a breach of the rules. It is a game where only the individual participants know if the score he or she handed in is the score that was actually shot. It is a game with a rich history and timeless traditions that invites respect for the old and wonderment of the new. Most of all, golf is fun. The game is never solved, perfection is never achieved; there is always the opportunity for improvement and success. It is also a game where the raw beginner can play a competitive match with the most seasoned expert. It is a game where youngsters can delight in playing with each other and it is a game suited to the young and old playing together - if they have a place to learn and play the game at all. 

The Youth Golf Association, an initiative of the Community Sportsplex, has as its mission: To promote the common good and the general welfare of the people of the community and to provide for the moral, mental, and physical development of both youth and adults by promoting participation in sports, athletics, and other recreational activities; To encourage the ideals of good teamwork, fellowship, good sportsmanship, dedication, and discipline in youth and adult athletes by conducting organized and supervised athletic and recreational activities; To provide training in athletics and recreational activities to the youth of the community; To provide training for coaches, parents, and officials to encourage a positive and favorable playing environment for youth athletics through proper coaching and officiating tools and techniques, effective motivation, and age appropriate methods; To provide for a safe non-profit indoor and outdoor facility or facilities to promote interest in and the opportunity for members of the community to participate in sports and recreational activities; To promote and assist in the development of non-profit indoor and outdoor athletic and recreational facilities in the community in general. Our goal is to provide the golf learning facilities and the experience that will enable kids from every walk of life to partake of a game that teaches values for life and which can be played for a lifetime.