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YGA Facility

Vestal Hills Country Club: Established in 1958

Location: 3096 Webb Road, Binghamton, NY 13903

Classification: Private

Architect: Geoffrey Cornish

Contact Info:
Phone: (607) 723-7579
Website: www.vestalhillscountryclub.com

Staff: Head Pro, Joel Deeter

The premier of New York golf courses, Vestal Hills Country Club is an 18 hole championship golf course nestled in the majestic wooded hills of Upstate New York. Designed by Geoffrey Cornish and Rudy Komacek in 1957, this Binghamton, NY golf course...

Course Description:
The history of the Vestal Hills Country Club spans more than half a century at two locations in Broome County. Following World War I, Archibald MacArthur, a local businessman purchased more than 1,400 acres of land composed of small farms on Binghamton's south side. The land was bordered on the east by Rush Avenue and on the west by the area that is now the State University of New York. MacArthur's hope was to build more than 1,000 residences and to construct an 18-hole golf course on the property. 

On April 29, 1924, a new golf club was organized at a meeting held at the Arlington Hotel in Binghamton. The organization adopted the name Vestal Hills Country Club, and began with about thirty members, including Mr. MacArthur. Alec Smith, a well-known builder of golf courses, was engaged to lay out a proposed golf course at Vestal Hills' first location, where the Vestal Plaza is now located. Nine holes were developed, with the hope that the course could eventually be expanded. A clubhouse was constructed to the west of the Jewish Community Center's current location. 

The club remained at its Vestal location through the 30's and 40's and into the 50s. A dream of many members was to expand the course to 18 holes, and numerous committees were established over the years to examine the feasibility of such a project. The land remained in MacArthur's ownership until August 1947, when it was sold to Security Mutual Life Insurance Company, which continued to lease the course to Vestal Hills. Years later, Security Mutual sold the course to Vestal Hills Country Club, Inc. 

In late 1956, the Club was approached by a developer who found the course property ideal for a new shopping center. The terms of the offer were attractive and it appeared to the Club leadership that acceptance of the offer could fulfill the dream to construct an 18-hole golf course at a new location.