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YGA Code of Conduct

Youth Participants Code of Conduct

Golf is a game rich in history and tradition. YGA intends to operate in a manner to honor this tradition by requiring the following principles be adhered to by both players and parents/spectators:

  • I will show respect for all involved in the game including rules, coaches, players, opponents, officials and league administrators. I will act in a positive and encouraging manner and will refrain from any actions that could be considered demeaning to other players. I understand that officials make mistakes and if the official makes a bad call, I will honor the game and refrain from negative or demeaning comments or remarks.
  • Violation of this code of conduct will be dealt with by the event coordinator in a manner he or she deems appropriate and could include suspension from one or more games or expulsion from the event. No refunds will be given in those cases.

Parents Code of Conduct
The YGA encourages the involvement of parents and respectfully requires the adherence to this Code of Conduct for the benefit of each individual. It is appropriate for parents and spectators to applaud successful strokes. Spectators attend YGA events at their own risk. Please turn off all cell phones at YGA events. Spectators should not give rulings. Please seek a YGA rules official if the need arises.